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Polskie Fermy

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Kurka Wolna : Polskie Fermy
Our long time client: on Projects:
-Tour de Pologne
-Volleyball World Championship 2014

-Ski Jumping

Our long term client ,,KURKA WOLNA” BRAND, POLAND

,, We highly value our collaboration with Mindfuture. Mindfuture has a dedicated team, that works closely with a client, to make sure the customer service, quality and results from the campaigns are on the highest level. We decided to connect to our audience through sport on some of the biggest sport events in Poland and Mindfuture provided us with the excellent service, which included: event planning, production, execution and business development.

After the events, we noticed higher interest in our Brand, which is recognised as a lovebrand as well as increase in sales.”


Bartlomiej Chlodnicki, CEO, Polskie Fermy Grupa Producentow

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