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Super Bowl 2011

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Just a few days before the Valentine’s day next year, do not forget to mark your calender! Now you would ask why? Well, it is big, it is super and it is going to take you away by storm! The quintessential Super Bowl is back early next year! Super Bowl XLV is already been anticipated as very exciting and is being eagerly awaited by American football enthusiasts. This edition of Super Bowl is the 45th edition of the Super Bowl in the history of American football. Adding to the glory and the grandeur is the fact that it is also the 41st annual championship game of the National Football League. The game will have a clash of titans, featuring American Football Conference and National Foot ball conference champions. The scheduled Super Bowl 2011 date is the 6th of Feb, 2011. Mindfuture World SL targets millions of passionate American consumers, during the most busy Super Bowl time, at the point of sale, using innovative marketing platforms..

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